Birth Doula Consultation

Are you curious about what a Birth or Labor Doula is?  Wondering how a Doula can help you and your partner in labor?   


Book a consultation to discuss, I can help to educate & empower you and your partner make the best decisions for your new or growing family.

I offer different packages to assist clients through all needs and wants. Looking for support throughout your pregnancy, labor and after?  


Been through labor before and only require delivery support?  I am able to help you with all your questions and needs as well as put you in touch with any outside support that may arise.

In this 30 min consultation we will discuss your needs and wants for support.  We will find the right package of support for you and your partner.  Each package of support that I offer is individualized to the parents I am supporting.

Prenatal/birth education

24hr email or text support

In home or In Hospital Support with an OB or Midwife

Medicated or Nonmedicated support

Cesarian Birth support

Still birthday bereavement Doula certified.  I am able to help support birth at any stage.  Looking forward to meeting with you soon!